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Back in the year 2009, 30,000 verified, and at least 8,500 potential occurrences associated with Lymes disease have been documented by the CDC, also known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lymes disease is regarded as the most documented tick-borne disease within the USA. Lymes disease is transferred to individuals as a result of deer tick bites (also known as black-legged ticks) that are infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. The Lymes disease bacterium typically thrives in small mammals. including squirrels, and mice.

Individuals who work outside tend to be of more risk of contracting Lymes disease if they happen to perform work at sites that are infected by ticks. Workers in the United States who work in the northeast and northern-central States tend to be more at risk of exposure to infected ticks. Other tick-borne diseases can be transmitted by ticks to workers in these and other regions of the country. Locations where you will find bushes, high grass, wood, and leaf litter are almost certainly to have even more ticks. Individuals who work outdoors need to be especially alert to protect themselves from deer tick bites during the later spring and summer months. Studies have shown that these are the months when developing ticks tend to be the most active.

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Lyme Disease Rash

Workers who are more at risk of contracting Lymes disease include, but are certainly not limited to, those individuals who work in these professions:

Railroad workers
Line Workers
Landscaping Workers Brush clearing
Land surveying
Construction Workers
Oil field workers
Wildlife and Park Management
All types of outdoor work

All people who do work outdoors are advised to consult their immediate supervisor should they have questions regarding potential exposure to Lymes disease.

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